Providing Innovative Radiant Barrier Coatings
for Roofs and Attics


Don’t replace your roof... Coat it!

With a THERMAL | GUARD radiant barrier coating product.


Our Radiant Barrier Coatings have been shown to reduce energy bills and are Energy Star compliant. THERMAL | GUARD is a radiant barrier coating that reduces heat transfer and water damage. THERMAL | GUARD products extend the life of roofs by virtually eliminating thermal shock (expansion & contraction). A roof coated with Thermal Guard protects the substrate from degradation of UV rays while eliminating current and future leaks, when full water proofing measures are applied.

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How can THERMAL | GUARD reduce energy bills?

Through the prevention of heat transfer

Our roof coating products reflectivity prevents up to 86% of solar radiation from penetrating the surface. This ensures that roof surface temperatures stay close to outside, ambient air temperatures.

How can THERMAL | GUARD eliminate leaks?

ThermalGard also prevents any water migration and effectively stops corrosion on the substrate and roof surfaces. The additives in our coatings will also control mold and mildew on the finish coat which prolongs the life of the roof.

How can THERMAL | GUARD extend the life of roofs?

In addition to energy savings, radiant barrier coatings have the added benefit of extending the life of your roof. The sun causes damage to roofing materials through ultra-violet ray damage and thermal shock.

The Sun’s radiation hits the roof. Solar Reflectance: the fraction of solar energy that is reflected by the roof. Thermal Emittance: the relative ability of the roof surface to radiate absorbed heat. some heat is absorbed by the roof and transferred to the building below.

Who We Are

Thermal | Guard is a manufacturer/supplier of radiant barrier paints and coatings that is dedicated to introducing cutting edge roofing solutions to our customers through a network of authorized dealers. We take pride in offering innovative solutions that save our customers money while protecting the environment.

Thermal | Guard provides homes and businesses in the Southeast with cutting edge, radiant barrier coatings that provide cost savings on energy bills, extends the life of roofs and eliminates leaks. ThermalGard products are Energy Star compliant and will be applied by expert technicians. You will have an enjoyable and educational experience during the entire process, from quoting to project completion.

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*All products in 5 gallon units.
**There is a $3.00/gal color charge.

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